Contract administration is often one of the least understood and undervalued aspect of our services but where we architects can provide the client with great value and peace of mind.

Our role is split in two parts – to administer and advocate

Contract administration

Here we act as an independent party to ensure the construction is executed (by both yourselves and the builder) in accordance with the terms of the contract.

This typically involves:

  • Arranging and attend site visits to observe the construction progress
  • Clarify and answer contractor questions, provide supplementary details as required
  • Assess the builder’s progress claims, and certify for payments
  • Assess, certify and maintain records on cost variations
  • Assess, certify and maintain records on time variations

Advocate on your behalf

As situations arise on site that require resolution we liaise with the builder in a collaborative manner. Here acting on your behalf we aim to ensure the outcomes of those situations reflect the spirit of the design and your values and goals for the project.